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Meddelanden - Axel Pettersson

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Historisk kampkonst / Re: Sword & dagger träning
« skrivet: 2014-12-15, 17:06:18 »
Jag hoppas att jag kan komma på fredag.

Köp och sälj / Re: Meyer - art of combat
« skrivet: 2014-11-28, 14:22:20 »
jag vill ha ett ex med (behöver ett reseexemplar!), för över pengar när jag kommer hem ifrån jobbet idag.

Till alla fäktare: det här är en av de bästa investeringarna som ni kan göra för att utvecklas, Meyer är fullspäckad av både väl formulerade principer och tips, och många konkreta övningsexempel (Stucke).

"How is modernity affecting us as people and culture? And can fencing be a counter culture to modernity? This is the topic for my latest article on Hroarr. I hope all fencers find it interesting, but hopefully also the rest of my friends and family. After all, we are all caught in this modern world."

Read the whole article at the GHFS sponsored site HROARR:

Köp och sälj / Re: Att hitta de perfekta benskydden
« skrivet: 2014-11-19, 10:50:41 »
Gaetain Marain fick bryta ILHG 2013 efter att Ties Kool slog honom över knäet, då hade Gaetan på sig brushcutters. jag tror ärligt talat att Molin helt enkelt är grym på att flytta benen, jag skulle vara lite obekväm med brushcutters som enda skydd för knäna.

Tillkännagivanden / Re: Kvällsakademi 21/11
« skrivet: 2014-11-19, 10:48:30 »
re: Henning, du är anmäld.

Det är långsvärdsfeders i första hand, vill ni ha något annat, messers, rapirer, sablar etc, så säg till så beställer jag det också, men det är inget jag kan ha i lager.

Priset för långsvärdet blir ca 2500kr, vill ni prova dom innan så prata med någon i klubben, de allra flesta har de här fedrarna som är specialgjorda efter GHFS önskemål. Det är även dessa som kommer att användas i t.ex Swordfish, NHFL och andra tävlingar.

Talk to GHFS / Re: Ensifer or Trnava?
« skrivet: 2014-04-30, 10:13:53 »
I think you made the right choice.

Hema News Agency / See the livestream of the Swordfish 2013 finals
« skrivet: 2013-11-24, 11:33:04 »
The Swordfish 2013 finals are now up on youtube, see the amazing fights for 3rd and 1st place in a number of weapon categories from the rich tradition of Historical European Martial Arts, and listen to interviews with some of the best fencers in the world, aswell as the commentary by Scott Hellroth and Matt Galas.

Swordfish 2013 LiveStream

Andreas Markhed of Malmö Historical Fencing School has started a HEMA podcast. The first episode features an interview with GHFS instructor Axel Pettersson. Listen to it here:

Köp och sälj / Re: Lista på utrustning till försäljning
« skrivet: 2013-10-23, 20:16:34 »
Nu har jag fått in Absolute Force-byxorna. jag åkte på en smäll i tullen så slutpriset blir 550kr istället för de 500-520kr jag hade hoppats på först.

kontakta mig via facebook eller på om ni vill beställa. jag har alla storlekar, generellt är storlekarna rätt små, så har du normal L så ta XL osv.

Jag kommer ha med dom till träningarna, hör av dig så tar jag med till träningen som med de andra grejerna.

Köp och sälj / Re: Säljer av lite egna grejer också
« skrivet: 2013-10-18, 17:20:05 »
Jag tror att jag har kvar halsskyddet, bröstskyddet har jag sålt till Henning men jag har flera sådana att sälja till ordinarie pris (se den klistrade tråden i det här forumet).

när är du på träningen nästa gång? Jag kan ta med halsskyddet då.


Köp och sälj / Säljer av lite egna grejer också
« skrivet: 2013-10-08, 17:40:06 »
Här är en del privat utrustning till försäljning som jag inte behöver:

1 par Ensifer/Sparringgloves handskar (de vi använder för stålsparring), den s.k "hov"-modellen vilket innebär att tumvanten är delad i två som en klöv för extra rörlighet i fingrarna.

1 par Absolute Force sparringhandskar, den nya förstärkta modellen. Samma skydd som Ensiferhandskarna fast klumpigare. Å andra sidan är de billigare: 1200kr

1 par lacrossehandskar som funkar för sabel eller nylonvapensparring: 300kr

1 halsskydd. Pris: 200kr (samma som vi säljer med företaget fast begagnade)

1 par Absolute Force fäktbyxor storlek XL (om du normalt har L ska du ha XL fäktbyxor). Pris: 500kr

2 par knäskydd av samma modell som holländarna använder. Bra ledat och skydd för nedre delen av låret samt sidorna av knät, täcker dock ej smalbenen. Pris: 200kr/st.

1 bröstskydd herr, PRIS: 200kr

skriv här eller maila mig på så tar jag med det du vill kika på till träningen.


Axel Pettersson of GHFS, Sweden participated in the IGX tournaments in Boston, September 20-22, together with several other prominent fencers like Anton Kohutovic, Dustin Reagan, Nathan Grepares, Ben Strickling, Casper Anderson and Andrew Kilgore.

Axel took silver in spear fencing after Dustin Reagan, and then proceeded to take first place in sword & buckler, defeating Andrew Kilgore in the finals. Axel also got the award for best technical fencing in the sword & buckler tournament. To finish up, Axel defeated Nathan Grepares in a spectacular fight in the longsword final.  The successes at IGX means Axel has taken first place in six different international tournaments this year and two second places, an unparallelled achievement in the modern HEMA scene.

IGX featured a special award for the participant who had gathered the most score overall at the various tournaments. This prize was won by the great Andrew Kilgore who won the cutting tournament and placed 2nd in heavyweight wrestling, heavyweight dagger and sword & buckler. Axel took second place overall, after dropping out of the cutting tournament due to fatigue.

The monday after the event was spent at Higgins Armory Museum, studying historical weapons and fencing manuscripts under the guidance of Dr. Jeffrey Forgeng. Some fascinating lectures was given, notably by Jeanry Chandler on townlife and weapon use in medieval towns, and Michael Chidester on the life of Joachim Meyer.

We want to thank Jeff Tsay and his team at Forte for putting together an excellent event, and hope that more Europeans wil join us again next year.

The livestream featuring all final fights can be found here: Iron Gate Exhibition 2013 Livestream

Famous fencers like Anton Kohutovic, Dustin Reagan, Axel Pettersson, Nathan Grepares and many more will compete in longsword, sword & buckler, cutting and dagger during the Iron Gate HEMA tournaments.

For more info about the livestream visit:


"I should write about the amazing Rory van Noort memorial tournament, now that Im finally back home for a few days, but I must let that wait a little bit to mention the weekend I spent with Mark Wilkie, Mel, James Burn, Keith Farrell and the fantastic bunch of guys at IHA in Dundee the weekend before the Amsterdam trip.

I taught a two day seminar, with day one focused on bringing up core skills to a level where you can perform the at high speed and force againsta an uncooperative opponent. Stuff like being able to cover with all vier hengen, dominate the centre line, feeling safe in your "box" without having to withdraw with footwork every time you parry etc. The Scottish fencers proved to be very apt learners, and by the end of the day there were marked improvement in the way they fenced comfortably, taking their time behind cover instead of doing the constant "left hengen-left oberhau" counter regardless of situation.

The evening, naturally, was spent getting as drunk as possible. Mark really succeeded with his ambition here, I don't think I have had so much to drink on this side of 2010, and that includes a number of very wet Dijon parties. To my horror and deligth, i learned about Dundee traditions such as "dirty tequila", "kidney punch greetings" and and "licking the eyeball of strangers". I have to admit being quite grey come Sunday morning..

My hosts were all fine however, and we spent the whole day doing various sparring drills, focusing on coaching, giving and receiving feedback, and how to view sparring as just another drill, not a competitive event. At the end of the day we got alot of sparring in, and I have to especially mention Mark Wilkies for his powerful yet technical style of fencing, perhaps I like how he does it because it reminds me so much of my own approach. Both me and Mark are big guys, but tend to hold back on muscle to play a technical game. Keith Farrel was also extremely impressive, with excellent parries (one of the few I know who uses the lower right henger instead of the upper left to parry his right side, giving him a great advantage in covering and countering with the point online). The last time I saw Keith fence was in 2011, and he has skyrocketed since then.

Keith, Mark and their crew also impressed me with their ambition, they already have hundreds of fencers and alot planned for the future, the secret behind it being their devotion combined with a very solid organizational structure, allowing them to grow fast and at the same time steady.

I want to give my thanks to Mark, his lovely Mel, Keith, James and all the other grat people I met in Scotland, and I really look forward to see what they will bring to the HEMA community in the coming years."

"I spent the weekend up in Dundee with Axel Pettersson, Mark Wilkie and Alex Bourdas. We did a lot of training and my skills have improved tremendously as a result. Axel is very good at coaching and structuring his workshops to lead towards a single, primary outcome, and as a result everyone who attended the course made quite impressive improvements in their skills.

More importantly, the top practitioners working with steel longswords in this country are managing to pull off more and more of the skills and techniques from the original sources. The fighting is becoming much cleaner and much more decisive - I don't recall seeing more than a handful of double hits between the advanced practitioners at the weekend. We are gradually moving into a place where the fencing is becoming much more technical and historical without sacrificing any of the athleticism or intensity. This is really quite an exciting time for the study of longsword in Scotland!"

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