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Hi Hi
« skrivet: 2011-05-13, 23:38:22 »
Whats up guys

i was browsing your forums and wanted to ask3 questions

1. Why no Danska HEMA? i only ask because I spent quite a few years in my youth in Kobenhavn to the point that it feels like my old home and i am disappointed not to see moreof myDanish brothers into HEMA?

2. Verschieben.. glad to see you guys looking into this very cool hanwork, we had the good fortune to run into it early on in our Meyer work through our love of the 2nd Device from Zornhut in longsword. I am curious what you guys have made of it because we have taken it and run with it a bit to add our own feel to it. Its very cool. Also its used quite effectivly in Dusack also from Zornhut sliding into Bogen position. Not as cool as in longsword but still very cool.

3.Glad to see you guys also liking Zornhut, its been my experience that many do not love the guard (except for us of course )
I am curious what you guys might think of why we don't see more of it in freeplay and tournaments. We seem to use it more than most but we still struggle to get it into use under the pressure of good freeplay.

Anyways thanks hope to see you guys if you come down Florida way, I have heard rumors of it as a possibility so hoping it is so.

Say hi to Martin Walgrenfor me.

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Utloggad Anders Linnard

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Re: Hi Hi
« Svar #1 skrivet: 2011-05-14, 14:47:04 »
Hi Mike!

There is at least one active Danish group, Laurentiusgillet.

Verschieben is cool, but I don't think we do it a lot. I will try to get it into my game a bit though. Axel does it from time to time. He also likes the zornhut. I think the reason people don't use it is because they don't study Meyer (we don't really either) and therefore they don't get it into their skill set.

I would love to visit you in Florida. Of course you are also always welcome here, although I have heard you don't fly?

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Utloggad Axel Pettersson

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Re: Hi Hi
« Svar #2 skrivet: 2011-05-14, 19:30:45 »
Hi Mike, Im a huge Meyer fan so I do verschieben and zornhut alot, I particulary like to use verschieben offensively as a way to close distance. Zornhut rocks too, but as Anders says we don't focus on Meyer in our regular classes, so when you see one of us use Meyer stuff it often comes from personal research (though I did a session on zornhut and verschieben in class a few months ago and came up with a simple but fun and intense flow drill for training zornhut, verschieben and nachreisen, I'll video it when I get the time). Zornhut is good for teaching students to trust their guards and use powerful and quick footwork, as it leaves the body open so you can't hide behind it like you can with the pflug or ox guards.

Good to see you here btw, Martin pops by here frmo time to time so Im sure he'll greet you himself :).
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Utloggad Martin Wallgren

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Re: Hi Hi
« Svar #3 skrivet: 2011-08-22, 13:07:14 »
HI Mike! I´m here sometimes!