Författare Ämne: Group of historical fencing from Poland - new member to this forum  (läst 16951 gånger)

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Dear colleagues!

I am new member to this forum. I am one of the leaders of the Group of historical fencing Milites Alraunae, from Warsaw - Poland.

I would like to invite you to the website of our group, where you can see pictures from some events, in which we participated, including some international tournaments:

One of pictures (one of tournaments) I attach below

Utloggad Anders Linnard

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Hi Bartoha and welcome to our forum. I will put a link to your group on our links page, and hope you do the same.

I have not met you at any international events, so I hope you'll check out our page "på gång". There you will find a hopefully fairly complete list of international events for the community of historical fencing. Hopefully we will get the opportunity to meet you in the future?

What manuscripts do you use?


BTW Nice pic. Is that a falchion?
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Utloggad Axel Pettersson

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Utloggad Niklas Mårdby

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Welcome! Nice with another contact from Polen. Also check out our gallery ("Galleri" link in the menu on the left) were you find photos from events we have participated in. Would be great to see you one day.
//Niklas Mårdby
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