Författare Ämne: Albion Finish the first Maestro Line Sword  (läst 13439 gånger)


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Albion Finish the first Maestro Line Sword
« skrivet: 2006-11-22, 09:00:48 »
The Maestro Line swords are true to historical training swords and the Liechtenauer practise weapon has finally hit the shelves after a long wait.

Albion have a reputation of taking historical accuracy a step further and making some of the best manufactured swords on the market, but their blunts in the Squire line have not been very useful as training tools due to their points and fairly thin edges. Historical training swords did not look like sharp swords, they were tools to train with and weren't meant to pass of as real ones on medieval faires. So many fencers were happy to hear that Albion decided to follow such producers as Arms & Armor and present a historical training sword.

Originally meant to be finished in 2005 the Liechtenauer is the first of the Maestro Line swords to hit the market. Many would say it's an odd choice, since the Meyer is more intimately associated with the historical style training weapons and is also in the style that is actually portrayed with Liechtenauer himself in the Von Danzig mansucript. Despite all that, sources that have handled the Liechtenauer say that it is the best traditional training weapon on the market so far. We will of  course get back to you with a report as soon as we have had a chance to try it out.