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HEMA Film on the Way - Reclaiming the Blade
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For the first time a film is being produced on Historical European Martial Arts. The film includes many well-known HEMA practitioners, instructors and interpretors, and it will be narrated by John Rhys-Davies.

According to the production web site Reclaiming the Blade will explore Asian and European historical martial arts and also stage fighting and how martial arts are portrayed on the silver screen.

The marketing material says: "The truth of the  sword has been shrouded in antiquity, and the Renaissance martial arts that  brought it to being are long forgotten. The ancient practitioners lent us  all they knew through their manuscripts."

Among the experts behind the film are Jon Clements, Dr Sidney Anglo, John Waller and Dr Lee Jones.

You will find the homepage at: http://www.reclaimingtheblade.com