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Fechtshule America
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"A Fechtschule is an old European tradition in which local and visiting  instructors would host a unique event to offer focused combat training,  present skillful displays, and hold specialized tournaments to amuse and  entertain excited spectators. Keeping with this tradition we invite  you to join us March 25th-27th in Houston, Texas for the second annualwww.fechtschuleamerica.com/

Fechtschule America is the new name of 2010's Open International Gathering. Last year we blew the doors off the North American WMA/HEMA scene but that was only the beginning!

Once again we are amassing top caliber instructors from all over the  world to provide the absolute best instruction possible to the American  audiences. This year's teaching staff will, once again, include  instructors teaching for the first time in the U.S. as well as seasoned  veterans! Participant's can expect all the great activities from the  2010 event but don't think we are resting on our laurels because we have  quite a few new treats in store including more than one exciting  surprise. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity!

We know a lot of folks are eager to hear about the tournament  opportunities and we are only too happy to oblige! After hosting the  world's first open international dussack competition in several hundred  years we are planning to do it again! We will also be hosting another  open international mixed weapon competition that will allow longsword,  sword and buckler, and single sword fencers to strut their stuff! We  are also planning to host another tournament but the details of this  surprise event are being kept under lock and key for now!

So if you want to flaunt your school pride then come join us and show  the world what you've got in North America's biggest, most prestigious  WMA/HEMA specific competitions.

Rest assured that even in this tight economy the hosts of Fechtshule America  are dedicated to keeping the costs low and the value high. As we did  last year we will be offering discounted hotel arrangements and travel  to and from the airport for our out of town guests. See the appropriate  pages for all the details.

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Registration is open and we are finalizing the instruction staff and  schedule of events. Check the site frequently for the latest details  such as tournament rules, updated instructor lists, schedules, and some  of our surprise events!

This event is perfect for martial artists, researchers, stage  combatants, sports fencers, SCA/re-enactors/LARP, and living history  enthusiasts of all skill levels.

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We'll see you in Houston!"

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<p style="text-align: left;">Last year, Anders Linnard and Axel Pettersson of GHFS participated in Houston and held three classes, Axel also won both competitions in (dussack and longsword). Both Anders and Axel will attend the event again this year.