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Introducing myself
« skrivet: 2013-07-07, 05:27:35 »
Hello all, just introducing myself.  I've been involved in the Historical European Martial Arts world since 2006, with the Association for Renaissance Martial Arts (ARMA). 
In that time I've trained mostly in longsword, but have dabbled in Rapier, sword and dagger, staff and pole arm fighting, ringen and dagger material, as well as some other odds and ends.
I've been really impressed with the work you guys have been doing, at least what I've seen put out online.  Top notch stuff. 
I'm making an effort these days to get in touch with other solid, serious practitioners of the Art out in Europe and beyond which is why I stopped in to touch base.

Leider, kann ich kein Swedisch sprechen, aber mein Deutsch ist ganz gut ob jeder von Ihnen können Deutsch besser als Englsich sprechen.

Corey Roberts
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Re: Introducing myself
« Svar #1 skrivet: 2013-07-07, 10:15:57 »
Welcome, Corey. Although some of us speak German I think you'll find that just about everyone in Sweden below the age of fifty speaks English reasonably well (or better). :-)

Our forum currently mostly has posting activity in Swedish and concerning "internal" issues to the club. This is not a matter of policy, it's just how things have turned out. :-) feel free to browse and to ask questions...

Best regards
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