Författare Ämne: Events this year: what's to your taste?  (läst 16022 gånger)

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Events this year: what's to your taste?
« skrivet: 2007-01-10, 12:29:18 »
Of course we have the callendar, but what are peoples planns for the coming year?
And what tickles your imagination?
what is it on H.E.M.A screen that you wish to sink your teeth into rigth now?

Personally, I'm keen on getting more sparring practise against different schools.  It was realy a pleasant surprise to encoutner MHFS hard hitting style on the last swordfish. (at least up to the point that they hit you!)

after that? hmm making a soft buckler or two, so that we can get som buckler/sword sparring on the move.
Oh.. and lerning more about quarterstaff, daggerfigthing and.. well the list goes on. Hope I get the chanse to do some of it.

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Re: Events this year: what's to your taste?
« Svar #1 skrivet: 2007-01-10, 15:50:49 »
Good idea for a post!

As being realitvely new to ghfs, I still have my hands full getting comfortable with sparring using modified shinais, and sparring against the mighty warriors of Gothenburg. Still though I too would love to meet even more people to spar and train with, and learn from whatever methods they employ.

A dream this year would be to attend the international ARMA gathering in Houston. My host family from my exchange year lives there, so it would be a "two trips in one" event for me.

Besides that, more Ringen and dagger training sounds great, as does the swedish military sabre project that is lurking around the corner over here.
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