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New Book on Highland Knife Fighting
« skrivet: 2007-01-24, 15:49:10 »
Paladin Press is releasing a new book on Scottish historical knife and dirk fighting, including its role in combination with sword and targe, by Christopher Scott Thompson with Louise Pastore.

"Author Christopher Thompson examines a number of Scottish historical and oral sources to document the role of the knife in Gaelic society," Paladin Press explains on their website.

The Scottish dirk is believed to be a descendant of the medieval ballock dagger and was used by all social groups, both in civil and military life. The book is said to contain step-by-step instructions and photographs of various highland techniques and it can be bought directly from Paladin Press at http://www.paladin-press.com.

Thompson has previously published a book on Highland broadsword fighting and Louise Pastore is allegedly a pupil of John Wesencraft, the last surviving teacher of the Highland Dirk dance as taught by Tom Flett in the 1950s.