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Help HROARR with the Global HEMA Census!
« skrivet: 2010-10-20, 21:53:26 »
In the words of Roger Norling, a GHFS member who runs the HROARR website:

"In an attempt to build a stronger case for the HEMA community when  speaking to manufacturers of protective gear and sparring swords, media,  and other Martial Arts disciplines, I have initiated a survey to  calculate the numbers of Hema practitioners all over the world.

The hope is that we some day can have fencing masks and gloves that are  designed for our specific purposes. In other words improve on the gear  we already are using.

Judging from the fact that all Fencing Equipment manufacturers see  enough reason to produce coaching gear to a rather small target group,  we ought to be able to convince them of a market opportunity here. Just  recently Allstar has actually begun producing some equipment for our  specific purposes. Which is quite exciting.

The current results can be found here: The Great Big Global Hema Census

If your club has no numbers attached to it, or if your club isn't even listed, then please don't hesitate to contact me.

<p style="width: auto; float: left; clear: both; padding: 0px 0px 20px; margin-bottom: 20px; border-top: 0px solid rgb(97, 44, 11); border-bottom: 0px solid rgb(97, 44, 11);">Please contact us by sending an email to contact@hroarr.com "