Författare Ämne: SKUNKS 2011, Poland  (läst 11094 gånger)


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SKUNKS 2011, Poland
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Axel Pettersson(GHFS) and Hans Jörnlind (Gamla stans fäktförening) attended an event
in Rybnik, Poland.
They held a workshop, sparred and participated in one longsword tournament and a cutting competition.
In the tournament, Axel was the winner in his group and reached quarterfinal, where he was eliminated by
Michal Pajda (PL). Hans was eliminated by Marcin Surdel (instructor of Vectir). The longsword tournament was eventually won by Jan Chodkiewicz of Fechtschule Gdansk with Maciej Zajac of ARMAWarsaw taking second place.
In the cutting competition, the Swedes reached both the first and the second place
(first place by Hans and Axel took the second place). The wrestling competition was won by Tomek Maziarz of Ringschule Wroclaw with Jan Chodkiewicz of Fechtschule Gdansk taking second palce.

A video of the event can be found here: http://vimeo.com/24193875