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Bononia 2015
« skrivet: 2015-03-23, 16:47:15 »

It is with great pleasure and excitement that Sala d’Arme Achille Marozzo presents to you "Bononia 2015", the first international Symposium for the Bolognese Historical Fencing that will take place next fall in Bologna, Italy.

Bononia 2015 is the first event aiming to rally in one place every researcher of the Bolognese fencing school from all over the world, with the specific purpose of discussing and interpreting the authors for a shared and unified understanding of our Masters.
We really hope that Bononia will become a yearly event from which we could all benefit, both in terms of mutual learning and of strenghtening the ties between our communities, but that can only be achieved with everyone's involvement.

In this first edition we have the great opportunity of building a strong common base of knowledge and the first step towards is to better understand all the realities of the world who share this passion.
This event will be experimental and innovative for this type of discipline and interventions will be divided into a series of lectures (whether or not including a technical part) followed by q/a session aimed to a critical understanding of the topics covered.

So we decided to create this purely informative survey to have a better idea of how many people are studying Bolognese fencing in the world. And how many would be willing to share their knowledge with others.
Remember this survey will be for information only and the answers will not bind or oblige you in any way.

All those WHO will help us creating this event by sending the information below, will be rewarded with an high-definition full-color scan of the first edition of the Marozzo's Opera Nova (1536).
It's a rare gift we want to give to anyone who shares our deep love for Bologna and the ancient art of fencing.

Hoping to hear from you very soon!