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New DVD on I:33
« skrivet: 2007-01-22, 21:53:48 »
The Boarstooth group in Folkestone, UK, have planned a DVD on I:33 for a long time and now it is finally released.
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Dave Rawlings is one of the premier interpreters of I:33 and one of the most well-renowned swordsmen today, often teaching seminars at various events in Europe.

&quot;Aproximately an hour in length- it only covers the techniques from 1st Ward through to Half Shield in great detail, dealing with correct stance, distance, use of thrust and counter thrust, all binds and knocks you could want all the way up to and including the sword change,&quot; says Dave Rawlind of Boars Tooth in a comment on Swordforum International.

The DVD can be purchased directly from Dave Rawlings by contacting him at  boarstooth@hotmail.com