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Axel Pettersson wins in Dijon, again
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In the words of Matt Galas:

"Recently, I wrote a post in praise of Axel Petterson of Sweden  (Gothenburg Historical Fencing School), when he won back-to-back  tournaments at an event in March 2010 in Houston, Texas.  Well, Axel has  done it yet again, adding one more championship to his string of  victories.

This past weekend (8 May), Axel Petterson won the annual  longsword  tournament in Dijon, France. The tournament was part of the  2010 HEMAC  Annual Gathering, and included a total of 32 fighters. Axel  had some  stiff competition -- in particular, the talented Lois Forster  of  France, who came in second place. The tournament included a good  stable  of competitors, including both seasoned fighters and promising   up-and-comers. Swordsmen to keep an eye on include Arto Fama of the   Netherlands and Thibault Ghesquierre of France.

Axel Petterson has now taken first place in four tournaments in the  space of just over a year. He is the first fighter to win two  consecutive Dijon tournaments. He is also the first fighter to win  tournaments on two continents (Europe and North America). This  impressive record of victories, combined with his humble demeanor, makes  Axel a role model for the next generation of swordsmen in our  community.

Kudos to Axel, for his talent, perseverence, and skill; to Hans  Joernlind, his original trainer; and to Anders Linnard, his coach at the  Gothenburg Historical Fencing School.  Gentlemen, well done, and keep  up the good work!  You guys are setting the standard, and giving the  HEMA community an example to strive for.


Matt Galas, Mons, Belgium"